Frequently Asked Questions FAQ’s

  • What are the age requirements for admission?

    A. Students must be 16 years of age or older. Any student under the age of 18 must have his or her Enrollment Agreement signed by a parent or legal guardian.

  • What are the academic requirements for admission?

    Students must have a high school diploma or its equivalent (GED), or a transcript showing completion of a state-issued certificate of proof. Students educated outside the U.S. must submit a transcript or evaluation of their academic education.

  • Do I have to enroll in person, or can I register for admission online?

    A. Students enrolling in any of the Academy’s diploma programs (Skincare, Electrolysis, or Skincare & Electrolysis) must meet with an admissions representative, execute an enrollment agreement, and sign a payment plan. Students enrolling in the Academy’s Specialty Workshops and CEU programs may apply and pay online.

  • Are there any registration fees.

    There is a $100 non-refundable fee when registering for the Skincare, Electrolysis, or Skincare & Electrolysis Program. There is no fee when registering for all other Academy workshops, courses, or individual classes.

  • Can I transfer clock hours from another beauty school and apply them to my Danik diploma requirements?

    We accept clock hour transcripts from other licensed institutions. To have clock hours transferred, the applicant must submit a written request with a transcript. After Admissions reviews the transcript, an additional evaluation exam may be administered. The exam fee is $199.00 per program, and a passing grade is 80% or higher.

  • Are your programs available in Spanish?

    No, All courses and instruction are provided in English; however, Danik Beauty Academy uses bilingual instructors for the benefit of students whose first language is Spanish. NOTE: Completing a course or program in a language other than English may reduce employability where English is required.

  • Are there attendance requirements?

    Yes. Students in our diploma programs must maintain an average attendance level of at least 67%. Students taking specialty workshops and CEU courses must maintain 100% attendance.

  • What are the academic requirements?

    Students enrolled in diploma programs must maintain a GPA of 75% or higher. Students enrolled in specialty workshops and CEU courses must pass a final exam.

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